15 best Indian stand up comedian who can roll you laughing on the floor

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The youth out there is bored with the repetitive comedy and just so common one-liners, which gave a push to Stand-up comedy in the country. Stand-up comedy has brought a new definition to fun and entertainment. Does not matter if you are a fan of black comedy or a variety show, stand-ups are a whole nine yard for you. I know you have been following Kevin Hart and Chris Rock for your meal of laugh, but here is a list of best Indian stand up comedian who, I bet can give your diaphragm some shakes:

1. Zakir Khan- The Sakht Launda

If you are Haq se single, we know who to give the credits to for it. Zakir(A best Indian stand up comedian in 2012) is one of the initial rebels in the comic industry used his language, reliability, and his constant efforts to stop himself from wooing for girls to win every possible heart out there.

With his art of comic storytelling and a hint of desi behavior, he comes off as someone who is naturally funny. His anecdotes have become the slogans to the youth out there. Not only this but his recent amazon prime show, “Haq se Single” received whooping reactions. 

Check out his oh-so-funny stand-ups on his YouTube channel, which has crossed over a million subscribers! 

2. Biswa Kalyan Rath- The Mast Aadmi

An IIT graduate, after which a corporate man for Oracle, this man was just like any of us. But his thoughts on life, situations, real problems, work-life issues and the humor based on the same made all of us cry out of laughter.

Biswa started his career with YouTube by bringing “Pretentious Movie Reviews” which you should definitely give a shot to. Biswa then brought his own shows including “Biswa Mast Aadmi” and “Biswa in your face” which obviously gained fame and laughs. Other than this, Biswa has also hosted for AIB. 

Check out his funny Stand up comedy of how he begs or applies for a leave application:

3. Abhishek Upamanyu- The Relatable Guy

This YouTube energy is not only extremely funny but also relatable to you. Abhishek, a native from Delhi, and a newbie to Mumbai is known for bringing a combination of two residencies and humor based on the same. With his attractive stark poker face and funny analogies, brings the laugh out of many.

Being a chemical engineer himself, Abhishek tends to spread the laughing gas amongst the engineering community and bag the third spot in this list pf Best indian Stand up comedian. While talking about respecting elders, breakups and daily-life issues will give you tickle and a hidden lesson. 

Check his best Comedy here

4. Kenny Sebastian- Chai King

Based out of Bangalore, Kenny is a king of humor. Being one of the best comedians, this cute man has won hearts with puns, musical comedy, and almost everything. This funny man has struggled through difficult times to be where he is at right now.

He is a hot piece of cake on the internet with whooping millions of followers. He also has his own Amazon Prime Special known to be “Don’t be that guy”. We recommend you to watch his sketches and special effects films, through which he started his career. 

Other than the typical stand-ups, Kenny has performed “Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian”, “Bittersweet Vlogs” and “Funny sketches” which you can find on his YouTube channel. Need a laugh?

Watch the video

5. Rahul Subramanian- The guy with logic

Rahul, one of the funniest men we personally know, started off his career from a famous YouTube comedy channel known to be as “Random Chikibum”. Soon after that, he caught fame by hosting multiple AIB shows, which processing to finally create his own Amazon Prime Special called “Kal Main Udega”.

The essence of his comedy lies in his slow and morbid way of delivering humor. He mainly highlights the illogicality residing around him and expresses it in the most humorous way. 

Know Bangalore by any chance? We bet not better than Rahul describes in his oh-so-funny Standup comedy which gained more than 5 million viewers. 

6. Karunesh Talwar- The observant

Up for some deep thought, well written cynical jokes? Then this is the man you need in your life. This comedian brings the unusual out of the usual. He brings public talks, punny jokes, and some so relatable, that you might need to take a pause to stop the laugh. A winner of Comedy Store’ RAW, this man always brings something out of the box, yet very relatable to the audience. 

Up for some random jokes? Because here Karunesh actually brings a bunch of “Random jokes” to give you a hearty laugh,

Check it out here

7. Kunal Kamra- The popular guy

Kunal Kamra started catching fame through Twitter. At the start of 2013, Kamra started tweeting his box of jokes, and slowly started catching the audience on the same. With positive feedbacks, Kamra started his own chat series on YouTube known as “Shut up ya Kunal” which made him a wildly popular and youth-driven social media star.

Kamra then after found his career in stand-up comedy, and since then is performing domestically as well as internationally. Recently, Kunal caught the highest media attention by telecasting a brawl between himself and Arnab Goswami. Kamra was banned from airline travels because of the same. 

Watch his first stand-up, which will give you a different perspective about “Patriotism and the Government”

8. Kanan Gill- The cute guy

Kanan started off his career with “Pretentious Movie Reviews” with Biswa (Above mentioned) and landed on a smooth success. In the initial stage of his career, Kanan contributed a lot of his humor to “The Living Room”, which is Comedy Central Sketch Program. Kanan then was a part of the famous Amazon Prime Orginal “Comicstaan” as a mentor and judge.

He has performed live globally and is considered to be one of the most beloved indian stand up comedian. He also owns a YouTube channel telecasting episodes in the category “Keep it Real” where he talks about parents, relationships and cows in the most humorous ways. 

Check out some of them here:

9. Aditi Mittal- The Feminist

Aditi, being one of the first female Indian stand up comedian, is not only funny but intellectual. She is a writer for FirstPost.com, DNA, Grazia Magazine, Financial Times and more. Ranked as one of the top ten comedians by TOI in the year 2012, she sure brings something new to the table every time.

She also owns a Netflix original known as “Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say”, which is a must-watch! This pretty feminist talk about women does not discuss out loud. Be it bras or vaginal tightening cream, this lady will give you laughs and lessons, all at the same time.

Know something about Bra shopping? Let Aditi tell you about the insiders here.

10. Atul Khatri- The cool dad

Atul, known to be the cool dad of comedy, brings humor is his not-so-common style. This veteran has performed sketch and collective comedy in the finest ways. Known to perform numerous private shows in the country as well as outside, you will find Atul talking about his parenting experiences, travel hazards, Pakistan, China, Justin Beiber concert, and whatnot. He also episodes on YouTube known as “Only Positive News”, which again will entertain the core of you.

Don’t know how it feels when your children turn 18?

Let Atul help you here

11. Anu Menon

Anu Menon AKA Anuradha Menon AKA Channel V’s famous Lola Kutty, is a well-famed actress, VJ, and a humorous stand-up comedian. Born in Chennai, or Madras according to her as it is an effort to spell Chennai, brings humor from her life, family dynamics, and different opinions amongst them.

Despite being a “nerd”, Anu carried uncommon dreams of becoming a big star in the industry. Anu also depicted her marriage, problems, and situations she dealt with in her Amazon Prime Special “Wonder Menon”.

Here is a link to the trailer. She’s raw, unapologetic, funny and obviously, worth watching! 

12. Vir Das- The Goat

Vir Das has been a part of Stand-up comedy long before it was even trending in the country. The man showed what a “Funny Bone” is, and how making jokes and laughing on oneself is the best kind of comedy. Vir das brings the restricted, edgy, raw and young form of comedy that the people were lacking.

Vir chose topics that were not commonly chosen to discuss and presented his perspective in the most humorous way. He mostly talks about celebrities, politics, movies and most importantly, his special on “middle-class brown parents” brought him the fame he now owns. Other than Indian stand up comedian, Vir has been a part of movies like Go Goa Gone and Delhi Belly. 

See how Vir brings you a the benefits of chyavanprash, What exactly is chyavanprash. See this Video

13. Nishant Suri- The Overconfident Bachelor

This bearded handsome man has been a universal ex. Don’t get us wrong, he actually has been your ex-banker maybe, or ex-engineer, ex-wedding photographer or current favorite stand-up comedian. With an aggression to humor, and humor in aggression, Suri has not only won competitions but one of the biggest comedy talents shows, “Comicstaan”.

With his rants about corporates and engineering, he sure is relatable and one of the weirdest comics out there. Because of his out of the box performing style, he is leading as one of the most trending artists in the time.

Think pre-wedding shoots and Atankwaad are related? No? But here in the video, Suri sure does prove you wrong. 

14. Daniel Fernandes- The Dark Comic

Based out of Mumbai, Daniel brings the dark side of the world in the funniest possible. Be it Marital rapes or Hindu Muslim romances, he sure as hell will get you laughter pains. Other than dark comedy, he peaks on the stages of sarcasm.

Being an interactive comic, he knows how to use his wit to turn conversations into punches. Being a regular at Canvas Comedy Club, Blue Frog, and high spirits, he has been an audience’s favorite. Also, he owns an Amazon Prime Special, which is worth watching. 

Watch his shadow, the Stand-up comedy, which will keep you hooked and laughing till the end. 

15. Vipul Goyal- The Humorous Guy

Being an electrical engineering graduate, he already has what it takes to make things funny. Owning “Humorously Yours”, he has brought stand-up comedy to a different level. As he mentions it, he performs comedy in four languages, Hindi, English, C++, and Java.

His humor is relatable to everyone out there, be it a 60-year-old retired officer, or a kid choosing his career options, they will surely laugh on what he speaks. He talks about Bahu ki sleeveless, babies, Indian bikers, dogs and everything you have heard of. 

Find out the best of humor on the bikers in the video here


Do let us know who is your favorite best indian standup comedian out of the above ? Know an underground comic we missed? Mention them in the comment section below. Happy Laughing! 🙂

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