The Best Motivational Movies of Hollywood That Will Inspire You Forever

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Motivational Movies have always entertained us, taught us new things in life, inspired us with different stories (real life & fiction), and motivated us to achieve more in our own personal lives. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks from this genre, as the Best Motivational Movies and highlight what made them stand out from the rest.

Some have made us laugh, some have made us cry, yet fewer have inspired us and motivated us through depictions of real-life stories. The visual experience stays in the hearts and minds of viewers and is easily perceivable than just words.

There is a movie for all type of people, it doesn’t matter the language or culture boundaries, because deep down as a human we all are emotional.

Here are some of our top 8 picks of Hollywood’s best motivational movies with reviews that are a must-watch. So, get ready and enjoy it. Feel it and visualize it.

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Top 8 motivational Hollywood movies

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

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Based on the true-life story of a man named Christopher Gardner, A truly touching script and visualization about a man, who is trying so hard to make ends meet, losing his apartment and separated from his wife. Forced to live out in the streets with a young son he loves so much. He wants to achieve more for his son more than himself and wants to make his son feel proud. Gardner believes in a device that could be a game-changer and markets it hard, for his plans to lift off. This device, which is called a “bone density scanner” is slightly better than an x-ray but a much higher cost. On the side, Gardner works in the role of a stockbroker as an unpaid intern.

Will he be able to outshine the competition with 6 months of training and still be able to sell his bone scanner devices for a profit? Gardner’s life is a living testament to how the power of perseverance can change your life into a successful ending.

Captain Phillips (2013)

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Another nail-biting true-life story of an incident of a hijacking that took place at the Somalian waters in 2009. The U.S container ship “Maersk Alabama” has been hijacked by a band of dangerous Somalian pirates.

The movie captures the pressure situation and chaos that ensues during this unprecedented crisis. The focus from the director Paul Greengrass’s creative lens put special attention over the relationship between Alabama’s commanding officer Captain Richard Phillips and the Somali pirate captain Muse, who takes Captain Phillips hostage. Phillips and Muse eventually battle it out and the stakes get higher from then on.

Stranded in unknown territory, 145 miles off the Somali coast, will Captain Phillips survive this situation? His bravery and resolve are a lesson to all, that one man can make a difference.

The Last Samurai (2003)

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An epic Samurai legacy, unfolding story that happens in the 1876-77 period from Japan. Giving a unique perspective of a cynical veteran of the American Civil War, and how he battles his own nightmares that come to haunt him. The character Captain Nathe Algren played by the world-renowned Tom Cruise does justice to the character in every way.

In the movie, he has been hired by an American who plans of gaining favor and lucrative contracts from the Emperor of Japan’s ruthless advisor. This advisor happens to the “Imperial Omura” played by Masato Harada, whose main objective is to see that the Samurai culture is made extinct, by feeding poisonous information about the Samurai to the Emperor of Japan. This eventually turns into a Samurai rebellion against the Imperial Cabinet. The sudden change of events that lead to Captain Algren switching sides from the Imperial military command to the Samurai’s side is truly a length of breathtaking events in the backdrop of some of the most beautiful landscapes and the backdrop of Japan. Who wins in the end?

Traditional values from the movie touch the hearts of every viewer and question us to rethink what we are sacrificing for a modern lifestyle.

Schindler’s List (1993)

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An all-time favourite and a movie that has stood the test of time from the direction on one of Steven Spielberg’s greatest movies. The story focuses on an Industrialist Oskar Schindler from German-occupied Poland during World War 2 setting. How he begins to sympathize and support the Jews, after witnessing their persecution at the hands of the ruthless Nazi regime.

Based on the true-life story of Oskar Schindler, a powerful character played by the talented Liam Neeson. He manages to save around 1100 Jews from being persecuted and gassed at the Auschwitz concentration camps.

This movie teaches us that no matter what evil happens around us, there is still good in us that we can find strength from to contribute for the better of humanity.

Whiplash (2014)

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19-year-old Andrew Niemann, the character played by Miles Teller passionate about drumming and jazz music. He wants to be the greatest jazz drummer in the world. Andrew begins his first year at the Schaffer Conservatory of Music, which is one of the best music schools in America.

Andrew’s life changes when he has given new opportunities to perform at events and explores that he has chosen a path he is gifted in.This in turn gives him the rare honor to be tutored under Terence Fletcher and he eventually gets an opportunity to play in his band and represent his new music school at important competitive events.He quickly learns that he is special because of the influence he has gained with Terence who finds potential in Andrews’s talent.

The movie teaches us all a very important lesson in life. Pursue your dreams and your dreams will shower you with greatness one day.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

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Another great performance by Tom Hanks who plays the role of Captain Miller a lead member of the 2nd Ranger battalion. Capt. Miller and the 2nd Ranger battalion under his command ordered to fight ashore to secure a beachhead.

The movie shows us the grave situation a soldier chooses to risk his life for and what it takes to serve the nation and to fight for a just cause. Captain Miller comes from a family of military servicemen who has dedicated their one and only life for the country. Later on, the story turns into a chain of events that is truly touching and admirable. Miller loses two of his brothers to the war and he receives news of their demise on the same day. Chief of Staff, U.S Army George C.Marshall learns of this development and takes upon the responsibility and his personal mission to rescue Miller from the chance of losing another life and bring him home to his grieving mother. A mother who has already lost 3 sons to the war.

The movie is motivational and teaches that even a small act of kindness can transform people’s lives forever.

Rush (2013)

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An all-star movie that depicts the ferocious rivalry between two racing legends of the motorsport industry. The story takes us back to the glamorous golden years of Formula 1 racing in the 1970s, based on the true story between the famous rivalry between two stars Formula 1 driver English racer and playboy James Hunt played by the handsome Chris Hemsworth and Austrian racer Niki Lauda played by Bruhl.

The story so vividly exposes the love life, ambition, and astonishing performance in the 1976 season, about these two drivers. They are ready to sacrifice everything for the taste of victory and hold that championship trophy in their hands. An amazing turn of events and tragedy displayed in such stunning fashion by the movie director Ron Howard.

A must-see movies in motivational list for anyone that needs a kick of inspiration to fire up their ambition to fight hard in life because it’s always worth fighting for.

Gandhi (1982)

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This movie takes you back to the mystical lands of India, narrating you a true story through a magnificent visual experience about the life and works of Gandhi – The Father of the nation of India. Ben Kingsley did a fine performance taking the role of a simple, pious yet powerful political figure that took the world by storm through his ahimsa and non-violence.

His struggles, his influence, and his character are displayed with such poise of how a simple lawyer from India led a peaceful revolt against the British occupation of India. This movie is one of the greatest movies from the director Richard Attenborough and gives every viewer a perspective of the crisis that happened in that era, through his experienced lens.

Through numerous battles, turmoil, and the unwanted attention of the world and back home in Great Britain, the occupying British forces finally recognize the freedom struggle and gives the people of India their Independence. This movie inspires future generations that no cause is a lost cause when you fight for the freedom of your country and its citizens. Satyamev Jayate, Truth always prevails!

These all are the Best motivational movies as per critics also. So, Which movie you are going to watch First? ​

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