Cancel that Boring Zoom Meeting and Binge-Watch These Engrossing Reality Shows on Netflix with Us!

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Best Reality shows on netflix

Most of us have huddled indoors and there is no way we want you to go out and catch the virus, which is why we bring you the best reality shows on Netflix to binge on. Netflix is now focusing on reality shows as they are being loved by the audience today. Most of the shows are easy to watch without adding that extra effort from your last brain cell.

So, Keep scrolling to check about 10 best reality shows on Netflix that can be your new distraction from the outside! 

Love is Blind

Have you ever thought of getting engaged to a person who you have never seen or met before? Me neither! But, “Love is Blind” is topping the charts as one of the best Netflix reality shows 2020 consisting of people knowing and communicating with each other through audios. This interesting show also includes some beautiful love stories and many other tales. This show is seen by people repetitively. This 2020 release has its unique and interesting story and its a must-watch.

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Selling Sunset

This professional reality show includes expert agents who are working in California. This interesting drama played professionally by the agents will surely bring you some suspense. This show also describes the beautiful places and houses in California. The expertise acting of the agents shows their professional lives. This show does not only shows the reality but reveals many life lessons. This series was released last year and had a great response from the audience.

The Final Table

This Netflix original is a competition of professional chefs from all around the world. Being one of the most loved reality shows on Netflix, The Final Table is a competition of master chefs to make thousands of unique dishes across the globe. The title also relates and describes the inner story and motive of the script. The audience decides their favorite chiefs and is tensed at the eliminations of the chiefs. This is a 2018 release but because of its originality, it comes in top reality shows on Netflix. You might learn a recipe or two from these professionals! 

Nailed it

This funny and interesting reality show also includes chefs who are not very professional but acquire humor into themselves. This show is best at humor and might offer you some terribly failed recipes but laughs that would surely get your face red. Some of these humorous bakers will arise many questions in your mind. A great host has its own place in the show. This 2018 show is worth every minute.

Queer Eye

This amazing story includes a group of five, who change the lives of people. The 4 seasons contain positive stories of style expert Tan France, grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, lifestyle expert Karamo Brown, design expert Bobby Berk, and food expert Antoni Porowski. This reality show is filled with goodness and positivity. Here these experts bring perfection to people’s lives and leave some tears and laugh for the audience. This show gained a huge audience in 2018. If you are feeling depressed or low, I will suggest this wonderful series to make your day better.      

Floor is Lava

Who remembers to play this game as a kid? But what happens when there is a prize of 10000 dollars on it when you win it? Gather all your practice handy as this Netflix original is a compilation of the game in which the contestants have a big hurdle of 80,000 gallons of lava. This show will make you bite your nails off but isn’t it better than drowning in lava? This 2020 release makes one of the most relatable Netflix reality shows of all time. 

The Circle

This show has a unique storyline and is based on a competition in which some contestants are being locked in apartments and are maintaining the competition through an app named ”The Circle”. The competitors have to win the game by only communicating and rating the fellow participants through the app by judging them on the basis of their likes and behavior. The game has wild turns in every next episode. You will be curious and shocked to know this one of the most popular Netflix reality shows 2020 ends! 

Too Hot to Handle

Imagine being a part of a lavish villa and getting surrounded by fifteen bikini models! A dream that came true for some of the lucky people but at some cost. The show offers a prize of 100,000 dollars to somebody who does not get physically involved with one another! With everything around so alluring, this competition gets tougher than it sounds like. This interesting story also has a turn that if somebody violates rules then the prize given will decrease. This creative show includes drama and humor, and obviously some sexual tension between the contestants.

Dating Around

This wonderful reality show has contestants who have to go to blind dates, Not one but five blind dates. It is obviously different than your tinder dates as usually the person you go out with shows their true colors later, but here you know no colors at all (Not a racist joke!). This Netflix watchlist brings awkwardness and confusion on the dates, but if they get-up well, you might get to see some beautiful romance right there. Overall it’s one of the most surprising reality shows on Netflix but totally worth watching.

Amazing Interiors

This show has some best interiors and designs for every house. I bet you have seen some of those quick interior videos on Instagram but “Amazing Interiors” is so much more. After watching this amazing Netflix reality show, you will develop an urge to call contractors and recreate your home just like the show. If you are interested in making your home fancier, this is your free pass to fine tips for a lavish living! 

I bet you agreed when Joey said, “Inside good, outside bad”. Stay in and do let us know which of these shows excite you the most! 

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