Dharmendra, Sunny, Bobby & Karan will come with Apna Sequel and All set for ‘Apne 2’

apne 2 release

On the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, Deol’s Family come out with a good anouncement for all their fans. Through social media, Actor Sunny and Bobby Deol told that the sequel of the film ‘Apne’ is now under pipeline and shooting will start soon. In the film- Apne 2, the 3rd generation of the Deol family- Karan Deol along with Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol will be seen together.

Apne Sequel Release Announcement

Directed by Anil Sharma, the film will go on floors in March next year and will slated to release around Diwali 2021. The shooting of movie will take place largely in Mumbai and London. The modalities are fast being worked out.

apne 2 announcement

Legendary actor Dharmendra shares, “Apne is one of the best films of my life. A joint effort by the whole unit, received very well by you all. Now, I’m very happy because I will get to shoot Apna 2 with my entire family – my sons Sunny, Bobby and my grandson Karan. It will be a very special film and I am looking forward to shoot.”

This Apne movie will try to shows emotions of generations

“The film ‘Apne’ was well liked by the people. People connected to every emotion shown in the film and that’s why we are bringing the sequel. In this film, we will try to show the emotions of today’s generation. Emotions never die, this sequel will also have emotions but thrills. We are bringing a story in front of people that will be completely un-predictable. The audience will think something else and there will be something else on the screen” The Stars Said while announcing about movie on social media page.

apne 2 news

Dharmendra emotional connection with this sequel

“I have not known how many films in my career but ‘Apne 2’ will be very special for me and I am very emotional about this project because 3 generations of Deol family will be seen together on single screen. I will work with sons Sunny and Bobby as well as my Grandson Karan, for which I am excited. It seems as if I was waiting for this day. To be honest, I will not be able to describe the joy of working with my grandson Karan in words. I am crazy “(laughs Dharmendra while saying above lines)

Film Apne Showcase the story of ex-boxer, Baldev Chaudhary played by Dharmendra who tried to bring his lost respect in boxing community through his sons- Sunny & Bobby. This movie also has starred some big actors like Shilpa shetty, Katrina Kaif, victor Bannerjee and Divya Dutta as lead Roles.

This Son and Father Jodi earlier in other movies like Yamlaa Pagla Deewana(2011), Yamlaa Paglaa Deewana 2(2013) and Yamlaa Paglaa Deewana Phir Se(2018). Now this Time one more Deol is added in this Jodi. Let’s See Where this Reunion take us.

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