Everything You Need To Know About Michael Jackson Children and Where They Are Now!

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michael jackson children

Do we Ever thought, Who are Michael Jackson Children and Where are they are now?

Michael Jackson, a pivotal personality in the history of pop culture, who captivated the world to sway with his moves, as we all know has catered to four decades of music dance, and fashion enthusiasts.

You may agree to disagree but his extensive fame might be a direct result of his publicized personal life. For it certainly was wild enough to keep the entertainment hungry consumers bewitched.

Talking about his relationships, Jackson has been out with more women than you have but also had a more tragic love life than you. No matter what he did, he could never escape his bubble of fame, and whoever he dated turned out to be inclined to his fame, money, and music than him.

Even Michael Jackson children went through a lot to be where they are now. 

michael jackson kids

His bodyguard, Matt Fiddes mentioned the same saying, “They wanted to talk about his music, his fame, and he just wanted people to stop going on about it,”. 

His first marriage was with Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. The marriage was the most genuine one Jackson held onto but did not last more than three years. 

Things to know about Michael Jackson Children:

The late pop star had three children, and the most we know is Michael Jackson children names, so here is something you gotta know about them! 

Very shortly, Jackson got married to Debbie Rowe of which they have first two children today known as Paris and Prince. 
Michael Jackson’s third child was born via surrogacy, called Blanket Aka Prince Michael.

Some Facts About Michael Jackson Children Relationship with their Father:

Before getting to know about Michael Jackson’s kids or where they are now, here are some facts about the kind of relationship he shared with them:

Paris Jackson knew how her dad was stressed out of the worldly pressure he was going to. She saw him struggling through hatred when at the end he was proven innocent.

Talking about his wife, she gave up her parental rights and Michael Jackson had all the rights on the kids since 2001.  

Protected the Kids by an Advanced Security System, Michael Jackson children were made sure to be safe with him. 
That being the case lets look at what are his descendants are up to.

As mentioned his kids had a lot of secrets known considering they were born in the Jackson family but that’s not all the kids were about.

Michael Jackson’s kids now are totally different and are out of the identity of being the famous kids. Lets know about each Michael Jackson Kid in Brief:

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr Aka Prince:

Net Worth: $100 Million
michael jackson child prince

The eldest one being Michael Joseph Jackson Jr lovingly called Prince. He was born to Deborah Rowe, Jackson’s second wife on February 13, 1997, LA California. He was looked after by a number of nurses and nannies at Neverland ranch.

There have been a few questions as to who exactly Prince’s biological father is but caring little for prying inquiries. He showed little or no interest in someone who is not involved in his life in 2017.

In 2013 Prince made is the first swoop into the Arena Entertainment. He was invited as a guest correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

Michael has always been interested in something more than dancing and here is what he said about his career plans in LA Times 2016. 

“It shaped who I am because of my family, but I’ve always wanted to go into production. My dad would ask me what I wanted to do and my answer was always producing and directing”, Says Prince. He considers music an important part of his life, but his interests are more inclined toward show business.

Unlike his father, Prince has been into a stable relationship with Molly Schirmang for more than two years now and appears in events with her. 

Close to cousin T.J. Jackson, Prince got a lot of support and encouragement to get a better education. T.J was one of the good Jacksons and supported the three kids of Michael Jackson until they grew up to a good age. 

Now at the Age of 22, Prince is fond of Dogs, Travelling and loves to roam on motorcycles along with his love for music.

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson

Net Worth: $100 Million
michael jackson child

Moving onto Michael’s and Debbie’s only daughter, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson who was born on April 3, 1998, is an actress, model, musician. She too was raised at Neverland after the divorce of their parents when Michael got full custody of his kids. Michael Jackson kids mostly spent their time in Neverlands. 

She sings under the alias PK Dragonfly Aka Glenn whom she co-wrote all her songs with. Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn have collaborated as a duo called “The Soundflowers” and brought some good music to life. 

In 2017, after her appearance on the cover of rolling stones, she signed a contract with IMG models, And also made her film debut later next year.

She is an activist who showed her support towards the black lives matter movement and regularly talks about spiritual well being. She has talked about her struggles with mental health issues and has discussed her sexuality with her siblings. 

Paris is involved in hiking, tree climbing, strolling through tall grass, and getting tattoos, cool isn’t it? 

Blanket Jackson, Now called Bigi Jackson

Net Worth: $100 Million
michael jackson's children

Blanket (originally known as Prince Michael Jackson II), the last heir of Michael Jackson was a surrogate’s baby. No one knows who’s the real mother of Blanket and there is news even questioning if Blanket is the blood of Michael Jackson or not. The only thing people know is that his mother was black. I bet you thought you knew Michael Jackson kids name but Blanket was always away from the limelight and not exposed.

Hidden under the cloud for 9 months, Blanket made his first appearance nine months after being born on February 21, 2002. Michael dangled Blanket from the balcony of a hotel room in Germany and introduced the world to his last kid. 

Now many of you think why Blanket? It was because Michael’s children were hidden from the media for a long time through masks and shrouds and Blanket was covered with a blanket to be exact, which is why he is known as Blanket. 

But later, the theory was exposed in one of Jackson’s documentaries where he mentioned how a blanket is known to cover something or keep something safe and uses it for his family saying “a blanket is a blessing”. 
“They also said there will never be another Michael Jackson, and I say ‘We already have one.’ But he just has to be trained,”. These lines were said by his grandfather, Joe Jackson. 

A black belt in karate, Bigi now lives a life of a teenager and attends Buckley school, living a star life and posting pictures on the internet

Blanket also love to Play video games along with his friends along with part in martial arts.

Let’s see what the future holds for these star kids and stay tuned to know everything about Michael Jackson kids now! 

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