All You Need To Know About Cannes Film Festival

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cannes film festival

Where do you think the biggest celebrities, producers and directors from the international entertainment industry meet in the most lavish and grand manner each year? You guessed it right! This gala event called the Cannes Film Festival which is irrefutably one of the biggest international film festivals eagerly looked forward to by fans and paparazzi.This Film Festival is synonymous with prestige, class, perfection and exclusivity but there is lot more which you would perhaps not know about the Cannes Film Festival. Well, we bring you all that you need to know about this mega Cannes film festival. 

1. The first ever Cannes Film Festival 

The elegant Cannes Film Festival was organised for the first time in 1946 in Cannes, France and there were films from 21 countries which featured at the maiden edition. It was held at the Casino of Cannes. The event have to make its debut in 1939 but given the outbreak of World War 2, the event had to be called off. 

2. Are International Film Festival and Cannes different? 

You do not have to feel baffled for sure! Cannes Film Festival known as the International Film Festival till 2002 and since then it has become vitally popular as the Cannes Film Festival which becomes the talk of the town each year. Officially, this known as Festival De Cannes. 

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3. The Jury 

The jury at the Cannes Film Festival is nothing short of impeccable! The jury of this prestigious film festival adjudicates new films across genres including documentaries and short films. They surely has a hard time judging films in the era of modernisation of cinema and cut throat competition. Initially, the jury only had members from the Film Academics but later celebrities and professionals were included as members. 

4. Rise to fame 

The Cannes Film Festival initially known as International Film Festival was not always this popular. It only shot to fame in the early 1950s when it caught a lot of eyeballs and media attention due to showbiz scandals and high profile celebrities creating an impact. 

5. The overhaul 

The revamp to the structure of the festival came in the 1970s when Robert Favre Le Bret introduced as the new President. Following his appointment, certain changes were made. He standardised the duration of the festival to 13 days, hence a lesser number of films have been accepted since then, He also bifurcated committees to deal with French films and foreign films separately and these changes have made the festival more structured and highly popular. 

6. The goofy media and celebrity relationship 

You would be intrigued to learn that the media did not cover Isabelle Adjani’s presence at the red carpet in the year 1983 after the French Actress snubbed a press conference. Another such incident happened when Paul Newman did a similar thing in 1975. Clearly, the international media still remains to be sensitive and emotional about things. All about perspectives basically! 

7. It is not just any Red Carpet event! 

Did you know that the red carpet used to pave way for celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival has a whopping 2-kilometre long carpet? Woah! Would you believe it? Not just that, the carpet has been change thrice in a day to make sure it takes away nothing from the grace of the event. Certainly, it is not just any other red carpet event, How red carpet is given so much importance.

8. The highest award at Cannes 

The Golden Palm Award is the highest award conferred at the Cannes Film Festival. It was first designed in 1955 by Chopard, the luxury Swiss watch manufacturer. 

9. The participation is just massive

Would you believe us if we tell you that as much as 200000 celebrities fly to Paris each year to be a part of this event? This is mammoth! This event is one of the most popular events in the world for a reason! Paris just dressed up like a celebration in these 13 days when a massive number of celebrities, critics and audience flocks the city to witness something extraordinary and colossal. 

10. How can we not know about the budget?

Any guesses here? One thing we are damn sure is the fact that the budget of this event is certainly going to be larger than life! What it takes to host the Cannes Film Festival each year is 20 million euros! Speechless? Yes, that is exactly what it takes to organise the Cannes Film Festival. Half of this budget comes from public funding while the rest comes from group contributions and other official partners of sponsors. 

11. Screenings are exclusive! 

Screening tickets are not sold to the general public for Cannes Film Festival as it is an industry only festival. All the celebrities who wish to attend this colossal celebration of art have to apply for the badge and wait to be accepted. 

12. Bollywood too has sizzled at Cannes 

Various Bollywood actors including Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and others have graced the red carpet by their glamorous presence and have won accolades for the same. Bollywood has always presented a different flavour to the festival and it continues to do so without fail. 

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