Famous Actor Vijay Raaz ARRESTED; Allegations for Molesting Female Crew Member!

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We all know Vijay Raaz from famous Bollywood movies like Welcome, Dedh Ishqiya, Bombay to Goa, Mumbai Express and whatnot. The actor recently arrested from Gondia, from Maharashtra where he was shooting for the movie “Sherni”. Reports say that he harassed a crew member from the set and she filed a complaint against the same.

He has been taken to the prison but would be bailed after a few hours. This is what the inspector has to say. “The woman came to us with the complaint on Monday night, saying she was molested by Vijay Raaz in a hotel where the film crew is staying. Based on her complaint, we lodged an FIR and arrested Raaz on Tuesday morning. A local court later granted him conditional bail,” Gondia Additional Superintendent of Police Atul Kulkarni.

“We collected evidence of the incident and then proceeded to arrest Raaz,” Kulkarni said, adding, “There are eye-witnesses from the crew who have spoken to us about the accusation being true.”

Sandip Patil, DIG, said the offence was taken care of urgently adding. “We acted promptly due to the sensitivity of the case,” he said.

The identity of the victim is not revealed considering her privacy concerns.

Victim’s colleague mentioned how she was targeted by the actor on numerous occasions dated between October 25 and 29. The victim shared her story to family and the police.

Shooting of the movie “Sherni” was already on a pause due to the pandemic but would again postpone due to this incidence happened. There are rumors saying Vijay will no longer be a part of the movie if the case exceeds due to the ill-reputation of the star.

Vijay has been a part of the industry for years and has never come across with a question on his character. We will keep you updated on the same! Stay tuned!

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