Checkout these top 10 handsome man in the world 2020 and why they are topping the charts!

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top 10 handsome man in the world

Even with the crazy competition around male beauties, some of them know how to stand out. Just like these top 10 handsome man in the world who are owning hearts and gaining followers like crazy. These men are winning love in every country and desired by almost every fan they have. Their beautiful bodies with amazing personalities can make you go gaga! Do not believe us?

Check out for yourself in the top 10 handsome man in the world 2020 below:

#10 Omar Borkan Al Gala

world's top handsome man

This beautiful man is an Iraqi-Emirati model, actor, and photographer. Omar has been in the news headlines for a reason which all started when he attended the festive and was ousted out of UAE for being too attractive. Well, being beautiful sure is a crime in UAE! His deep eyes, great body, and perfect hair sure attract lady love and some creepy stalkers. 

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#9 Tom Cruise

top 10 handsome man in the world

You might already know that Tom Cruise has one of the most symmetrical builds and faces. This “Mission Impossible” star is not just an actor but a well-known producer as well. Aged like fine wine, Tom has one of the most fan-following by women. With spectacular body, you would be thrilled to know that Cruise does all his stunts by himself!

#8 Henry Cavill

top handsome man of the world

This handsome British actor is a DC star and has done some brilliant work in the Justice League, The Witcher, Mission Impossible, and Man of Steel. Masculine and beautiful at the same time, Henry possesses shining blue eyes, sharp like a knife jawline, dark thick hair, and one of the most beautiful smiles you must have been all your life. He is a superman in real life as well considering his dashing body and all the lady love! 

#7 Chris Evans

top 10 most handsome man

Evans left all the women hot and bothered since he became a part of “What’s Your Number” and since then this hot and gorgeous man has been one of the most handsome men in the world. With his fine eyelashes, piercing jawlines, and a body to die for, Chris sure knows how to win a race. Chris got his major popularity by his role in MCU as Captain America. He bagged the role even without auditioning for it considering his charming personality and a good fit body.

#6 Bradley Cooper

most handsome man of the world

Bradley Cooper, considered as the Sexiest Man Alive in 2011 by People’s Magazine known to have the best features and body. The star was born with beautiful or say seductive blue eyes and a beautiful smile. Known for his smile and French. With an intimidating personality, this hot man can cook as well. A marriage material? We don’t think so considering his bad experiences in his love life. But nothing can make a difference to his shining face and tremendous body. 

#5 Robert Pattinson

most handsome man in the world

Robert Pattinson is one of the main reasons for all of us who watched Twilight (all parts) and we know why. One of the most attractive men on the planet started his career when he was 15. Does Harry Potter character Cedric Diggory ring a bell? Yes, you caught him there. With a female fan base of every age, even science finds him perfect. According to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, Robert has the most perfect features in the world finding him 92.15 percent accurate!
The doctor who did the study said: ‘He was in the top five for nearly all the categories because he has such classically shaped features and a wonderfully chiseled jaw.’

#4 Zayn Malik

list of handsome man in the world

Breaking the stereotype, Zayn, a former member of the One Direction boy band is considered as one of the most attractive men in the world. A combination of western and eastern beauty, Zayn also is a part of the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi and scores a seat in the top 10. Soon to be dad, Zayn had fan-following more than a lot of famous singers. His solo career has been on a rising graph and what makes him hot is his extraordinary complexion, beautiful brown eyes, tattoos that are meaningful and attractive at the same time, and a personality to die for. In all these actors in the list of top 10 handsome man in the world 2020, he stands alone to be a singer. I bet all of his fans would die to see him act someday! 

#3 David Beckham

top 10 handsome man

This fine internationally famous English footballer gained huge success when it comes to the list of top 10 handsome man in the world. With his excellent body and blessed personality, David has known to be the Sexiest Man Alive by People. David, the ambassador of British Fashion in 2018 has the most proportioned face with small and intimidating eyes and an attractive nose. This trend-settler always brings something spectacular to the audience and almost all of his fans keep a check on him to keep themselves updated. And if you still have a doubt, you can go check his underwear spoof campaign or his bed selfies! Warning: It’s all too hot!

#2 Brad Pitt

world top 10 handsome man list

Brad Pitt, or say Brad Pitt’s body hit the world with a blood rush 20 years ago when “Fight Club” hit the theatres. Nobody had their focuses on Tyler Durden’s story but Brad’s luscious body. Brad, one of the top 10 handsome man in the world did not drink some sparkle potion to become a sexy beast but went through the toughest of workouts with full-determination.

#1 Hrithik Roshan

top 10 handsome man in the world

Hrithik, known to be the Greek God of Bollywood now aces the list of “top 10 handsome man in the world”. He always knows how to bag his title considering he has made his mark on the list since day one. This Indian actor has been known for his work in movies as well as in directing. With drool-worthy jawline and sexy abs, Hrithik flaunts beauty and confidence.   

Do let us know which of these beautiful men attract you!

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