Top Reality Shows in India Inspired by Foreign Shows

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Reality shows of india

​”Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment” Welcome to the world of Entertainment where you will meet with some high rating, and high TRP wala Shows which forced you to sit in front of your television. We the Indians are always in the mood of Grand Masti. So, when our favorite shows streaming live we pause our work and tune our TV system or Smartphone to watch out the shows we love or addicted to. But do you know our favorite Reality shows in India are inspired by some popular Foreign Shows? Yeah, that’s true, let’s have a look!!!!

Top 7 favorite Reality shows of India Inspired by Foreign Shows:

India’s Got Talent 

Best reality shows of india

India’s Got Talent, One of the best and interesting reality show, which gained its roots out of inspiration from the foreign show “American’s Got Talent”. It is a series among the British global talent franchise. If you are a big fan of this show, it airs on Colors annually and involves bringing together talented contestants in groups or individuals who battle in down to the top finalist for a prize, which is usually in cash. 

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Indian Idol 

Top reality shows of india

Indian Idol got a lot of sensational news and buzz both in India and the international community. The show aired on Sony television and starts out its series annually, bringing together talented signing contestants who take the sage and contest to the finalist. The show inspired by the “American Idol” by 19 entertainments. 

Comedy Nights with Kapil 

reality shows in india

It is a cool show that involves funny talks and conversations between characters that are mostly comedians. It typifies characters like the granny. The show was inspired by the ‘The Kumar’s at No.42″ which is a British show. The show aired on Sony television with host as Kapil Sharma. 

Kaun Banega Crorepati

We all know this show, This one much liked by indian TV viewers hosted By Big B Amitabh Bachchan. This is basically quiz shows in which host ask question and every single cost some prize amount.

Kaun Banega Crorepati has gained millions of viewers in this decade and much popular among all the reality shows. This show inspired by Foreign show “Who wants to be a Millionaire” which was also much trending over there. KBC already hosted its 12 seasons, now coming with its new season in this year 2020. Get ready?

Bigg Boss

best reality shows in india

We all love Bigg Boss; the show airs on Colors periodically and very popular among all. It involves having contestants in one house who are supposed to be monitored by a camera and big boss, sees everything. This concept inspired by “Big Brother“, and our Fitness queen Shilpa Shetty Kundra was the winner of Big Brother. It was first produced by Endemol from the Netherlands. 

Kamzor Kadi Kaun 

popular reality shows of india

This show became somewhat popular during the time it aired on the Indian television, but it was later canceled on some undisclosed grounds. This is a game show where the contestant gets to answer questions in rounds until one person fails and a final winner emerges. This show inspired by a game show in America, known as ”Weakest Link”.​

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 

All reality shows in india

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa brings together some of Indians celebrities in this interesting reality show and pairs them up with professional dancers who groom them for some time on how to dance different routines and styles of dance. They take up the stage to battle it out up to the last contestant who goes home with the price. This show has adapted from ”Strictly come dancing” which is a show that aired on BBC. 

So which Indian reality show is your favorite? Did you aware about that secret behind this popular shows? Now the entertainment will be double whenever your favorite show will be broadcast again. Although, These shows inspired by foreigners but all of those have their own identity, we Indians not only love the concept but also love the presentation, the hosting.

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