Uri : The surgical strike, Movie That is worth watch for Every Indian

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Have you watched the ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’ which is surgical strike movie ? Your answer may be Yes or No! But you might have heard the box office of ‘Uri’ film and thinking for the reason.

Do you have any idea about the film and its success? If no, stay here Buddies! Read this article to know the importance of the ‘Uri’ film and why every Indian should see that in 2019.

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What about Uri: The Surgical Strike Film?

Almost every Indian would have seen the ‘Uri’ and admired by its story. If not here you can know about the film and its crew. Uri: The Surgical Strike is an action based Indian film theatrically released on January 11, 2019.

This great film written and directed by a debut director named Aditya Dhar and produced under the RSVP movies by Ronnie Screwvala.​

The leading roles of Uri are Vicky Kaushal (main actor), Yami Gautam (actress) and Mohit Raina. At the end of 10 days, the film has earned a total of 100 crores and its getting update every day.

The story of Uri in short

This surgical strike movie is a true story that was happened in the Indian army at the year of 2016. It is based on the Indian Special Forces ‘Surgical Strikes on Terrorists’ at Uri.

Vicky Kaushal played the role of Vihaan Singh Shergil who is a Major in the Indian army. In 2016, Indian army organized an attack of Uri army base in which he lost his brother-in-law. So, Vihaan plans to take revenge for his brother-in-law and the country.

Surgical Strike – What does it mean?

Many Indian would have come to know about the real story of ‘Surgical Strike’ that took place in the army via newspaper, magazine, social media, etc.

Hey dude! Don’t think too much about the mean of surgical strike. Go through the following.

Generally, the surgical strike means a military attack that makes damage only to the military target and doesn’t affect any surrounding structures such as buildings, vehicles and much more.

In simple words, the surgical strike can be explained as the movable targets carrying out the attack and return back without any damage to themselves.

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Real Attack: On September 29, 2016, Indian army published that they had done a surgical strike across the Line of Control in Pakistani- administered Kashmir. The name Uri is nothing but a town in the Jammu and Kashmir state of India where the strike had carried out.

The Indian army declared that no one killed during this strike but the soldiers have some injuries.

This true story was visualized in the Uri: The Surgical Strike Film and so it became a great historic film of India.

Why Uri Film?

However, many numbers of films come in a different theme for various reasons. The Uri team planned to give a tribute to the Indian army and as a sign of showing patriotism made this film successful.

The film crew believes that this film would be a great answer for the people who are all questioning the Indian army about their activities.

Also, the film portrays the difficulties and dedication of the soldiers and other personalities in the Army in order to protect the country from various attacks.

Facts about the Uri Surgical Strike movie

Everyone gave their best to make this film as a successful one and the director has tried to give the realistic sense of the battleground. The scenes in this movie are emotionally connected and you can get the real feel of war.

In this film, the director has included some scenes that are showing the attacks of URI camp and how deadly the attack happened. The scenes of the movie revolve around the true story with a mix of some fiction to meet the expectation of people.

Uri film reveals the life of soldiers who are maintaining a balance between personal and professional life.

In an interview, Vicky Kaushal the main actor of Uri said that he had a great experience from Uri shooting. He also told that there were many goose-bumping moments during the shoot and while speaking with the jawan about their real stories.

In the end, Vicky proudly mentioned that ‘Jawans (soldiers) are the real heroes of the country’.

Thus, these are the things that make the ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’ as a worthy one that should be watched by every Indian citizen.

People are spending more time and money on films based on drama, love story; comedy etc. But you should encourage films like Uri for their sincerity and patriotism towards the country.

If you people give more response that would be the great success for the film crew. This also motivates other filmmakers to produce more worthy films.

So, it is more recommended for every Indian citizen to watch out ‘Uri-The Surgical Strike’ in the theatre without missing. Uri film greatly picturized the military lifestyle of the Indian army for the future generation. ​

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